Big Data Opposite To Social Media

Many have been trying to get their heads around this new buzzword; Big Data. Essentially the amount of data that we’ve started to accumulate is going to combine with our ability to mine that data for key intelligence and we’re all going to become much wiser about human behaviour. Marketers with everything to play for are desperate to get to their point where they know exactly what you’re going to do next, ideally before even you do, so they can position their clients in exactly the right place to pick up any money that falls from your pockets as you pass by.

This strikes me as being the opposite of marketing via social media. Here the aim was to give a brand a personality and enable it to have one to one relationships with consumers in an almost conversational style. Mining data to understand what you’re going to do next and having cosy conversations about things that interest you, what two ideas could be further apart?

Yet isn’t all of it flawed? The problem is that consumers are becoming wiser about the techniques that marketers use to try to get a deal from them. The slightest sniff that we’re being sold to and we run a mile.

Social media, done well, can make a brand and we’ve seen examples where it’s been done badly and it has done a lot of damage. Big data is just a process and it will need to be applied. It’s in the application that I think brands are going to risk hitting difficulties.

Does anyone have an algorithm for a ‘light touch’?


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