Giving away product as a marketing exercise

For many small and medium-sized businesses, finding a new and exciting angle for a marketing campaign can be something of a challenge as, let’s face it, most successful strategies have been done before. Instead of racking your brains to come up with something new, therefore, taking a known marketing technique and adapting it to suit the needs and style of your business can by far be the best option.

Giving away samples of a popular product has long been lauded as the optimum way of grabbing the attention of potential customers. Now, while giving something away for free may seem counter intuitive, countless studies have shown that this is in fact an excellent way of strengthening the bottom line.

This technique is especially useful at trade shows or networking events, as crowds in attendance tend to know a little bit about the area of industry in which your business operates. However, it can also be effective in your own place of business, especially if you operate in a retail environment with a high consumer turnover.

Standard free gifts tend to be pens or key rings emblazoned with your company logo, but thanks to a flooding of the market in this area, some thinking outside the box may be required in order to stand out. Focusing on the customer base you wish to attract, therefore, is essential.

For example, if your business revolves around hair or beauty retail, perhaps a hairbrush or set of makeup brushes carrying the company logo would be an ideal and inexpensive feature of a large marketing campaign. Similarly, caterers or those in other areas of the food industry may wish to market their range by offering passers-by small taste samples in return for accepting a business card or signing up for an email newsletter.

Offering products for free rather than for a discounted price allows consumers to see what your company has to offer with no strings attached – even a small fee can put people off the idea of picking up a sample given the current economic situation in the UK. By advertising your giveaway on your social networking page, the combination of these high profile marketing events can draw in large crowds and potentially increase your client base by a large amount.


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