Play the silly office games but win money

There is an old saying along the lines of ‘you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family’. This is very true but there is another group of people you cannot choose who you spend time with; your colleagues. Okay, if you are the boss or the head of HR you have a say in who you get to spend your time with, but for the vast majority of us locked in the hamster wheel of the working week, you have absolutely no say in who you spend the majority of your waking hours with.

Think about that for a minute. How many days, weeks, months or years do people agonise over finding their soul mate, the one person who they want to be with for the rest of their life? It can be a thrilling journey but it is one that you need to invest a lot of time in. The thing is, during the working week you are lucky if you get to spend 4 to 5 waking hours with your loved one and, even then, these can be the tired and grumpy hours. Compare that to spending at least double that amount of time with these people who you don’t know, who you have very little in common with and who you have been forced to work alongside in the best hours of your day.

Whatever they pay you at work, it clearly isn’t enough! Then again, we’re all in the same boat so it’s not as if there is anything to be gained from moaning about the situation, you may as well make the most of it. This is where a forced sense of fun comes into play in the workplace. For some people, forced fun is actually fun, because their home life is so devoid of entertainment or excitement this remains the best part of the working week. For other people though, the idea of being forced into a stupid costume or having to perform a song and dance routine with their work-mates is the living embodiment of hell on Earth.

Smartphones capture everything these days

Of course, with Smartphones, every stupid action and activity in the workplace can be captured with photographs and video content. Before you have even adjusted your stupid hat, the phones are clicking on and your glorious smile is winging its way to Facebook and YouTube. This way you get the opportunity to allow your friends and family members to have some fun at your expense, letting them peer into the void that is your working life and reminding them of why they are so important in your life. Basically, if your friends in real life weren’t there, you may actually be forced into getting on and socialising with your work colleagues, a fate that many of us run from but sooner or later we find it unavoidable.

One of the biggest issues in modern life, especially in the work place, is that absolutely everything you say or do is going to end up in social media. Hopefully nothing that results in a sacking will end up there, but you just know that everything you say, eat and even think will end up on some site. Have a think to the past week and you can bet some of these incidents happened:

• A post on your Facebook wall regarding a “funny” incident a work
• An Instagram picture of someone’s lunch
• A hashtag “lol” moment at some comment made at work

It’s going to happen, so you may as well prosper from it. The 9-To-5 Buddies promotion from Jobsite encourages people to send in snaps of them and their workmates getting up to crazy hi-jinks in the office. Ordinarily, this shouldn’t be encouraged but the site is giving out prizes to plenty of snaps, so at least you’ll be selling out for the right reason. If you fancy getting your hands on a share of £250 or getting tickets to a great day out, make sure you and your work colleagues show the world how brilliant it is to work in your place of work.


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