9 simple SEO guidelines for creating new web pages

Web address typed onto computer
Here are some simple on page SEO guidelines for creating new web pages.

1. Each page should be dedicated to one keyword / phrase which is in the meta title and meta description. Avoid meta keywords, Google is starting to use them to identify spam. At best they are not necessary and at worst they may be becoming toxic.

2. The ideal target is 300 words of useful content. This means that you don’t fill it with words that don’t mean anything. Google has started to identify meaningless content and ignore it, so you may think that you have written 300 words but Google will only see 10 if only 10 words are meaningful. Think semantically about your content. If you don’t know what that means it is essential that you take a Youtube tutorial on it after you have read this and before you write anything.

3. Keyword / phrase should be repeated in the whole text four or five times but not more than six. Make it relevant and useful but don’t use it too much thinking that will help. It won’t and you’ll be identified as a spammer.

3. Avoid spelling mistakes. You should do this for SEO and also for your own credibility. The most credible websites have the fewest spelling mistakes.

4. Any image used needs to have a relevant name and relevant alt tag (which is the description of the image that ‘would describe it to a sight impaired person’).

5. Use only one H1 tag and then other H tags in order; H1, H2, H3 etc. You can have more than one H2, 3 etc but never more than one H1.

6. Link to other pages based on usability and only choose the best pages to link to. You can check them out using online Page Rank checkers and Alexa but nothing beats actually reading the content you’re linking to and using common sense.

7. Regular updating is important. Google favours sites with fresh content.

8. Social media is very important. You must have share buttons clearly visible on your content and you should check them. So often I try to share something and the buttons create unusable text. Don’t people check their own websites as if they were a user?

9. Share your own pages as you update them with a bit of a story; ‘We’ve updated our XYZ with ABC because …’, or ‘This is Fred in the office’s favourite product because …’ etc. Stories and characters are important. ‘Cold’ shares which don’t actually say anything or shares that are too sales focused are a turn off.

I hope you find these basic on page tips useful. I’ve tried to keep it simple on purpose; there’s so much information out there that sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. Get these basics covered and then you can move on to other advice.

The most important thing to consider these days is to be useful. Write for your readers, provide them with information and solve problems. There is a lot of content out there and you need to stand out, not just be another ‘me too’ writer.


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