Why Victoria Beckham deserves respect

Over the years, Posh Spice has taken a lot of stick. Women don’t like her because she took Becks away from them and Manchester United fans don’t like her because … well, because she took Becks away from them. In the years since the Spice Girls finally stopped pumping out hits, Victoria Beckham has somehow managed to create a career as a fully-fledged fashion designer. This act deserves our respect, and here’s why.

She wasn’t qualified.
Sure, she had connections and plenty of backing, but Victoria Beckham started out a fashion design business with passion for her journey and very little else. What did she do? She immersed herself in the industry and studied hard.

Everyone wanted her to fail.
When Victoria Beckham first announced that she would actually be designing her own clothes, the general reaction was one of scorn: “What does a Spice Girl know about fashion?” “She wouldn’t be able to do it if she wasn’t married to Becks.” “God, I still can’t believe he went to Real Madrid.” Over the years to come, she simply went about her business of designing, before everyone (rather reluctantly) admitted she was actually good.

She did the hard yards.
A sure-fire way to earn the endless ire of her detractors would have been to spend all her cash on a massive debut fashion show event, but Victoria did nothing of the kind. Instead, she slowly built up her business, beginning with designing some high-end jeans before moving on to sunglasses and then his-and-hers fragrances. She only released her first full year fashion collection in 2008, five years after she’d began working on her company.

In 2011 Victoria Beckham won Fashion Designer Of The Year at the British Fashion Awards. This was an important award because the voting was from her peers in the fashion industry. When she collected her award, apparently, she cried. You have seen Victoria Beckham’s public face, she notoriously doesn’t show emotion. That she cried shows how much this meant to her.

The Spice Girls achieved phenomenal success but, still, people like to rubbish them and claim that whichever girl they’re picking at the time can’t sing. Victoria then had the nerve to marry a famous footballer. Every stumble and set back seemed to be greeted with schadenfreude verging on delight. In her efforts to make it as a fashion designer she worked hard, regardless of criticism. To win an industry award judged by your peers has nothing to do with how much money you have or who you are married to. It has to do with talent.

There’s a lot more to Victoria Beckham than meets the eye. She’s a tough cookie and she deserves some respect.


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