Bodyform viral marketing case study

Sometimes you need to do something a little bit interesting to gain attention for your brand. You can’t force a viral advertising campaign – but being different and funny helps.

When Bodyform, a British feminine hygiene company, responded to a complaint on their Facebook page with honesty and humour, their sales rocketed. They satirised their own advertising, and the typical advertising for similar products, and in the process gained 3.5 million views on Youtube and millions of comments as it went viral on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

The advertising got most of the positive comments from women – the target market. And it did it all by finally being honest about the process of having a period. It highlighted a silly and ridiculous advertising standard and turned it on its head for a short time and by doing so succeeded.

The ad won awards and has proven that a savvy attitude to social media can bring impressive dividends. In the modern age a smooth PR face matters less and a perceived sense of humour matters more. If you can be funny, especially about complaints, you can gain a lot of brand recognition and customer loyalty. Since the ad, they have partnered with The Huffington Post for a series called ‘Women Who Changed My Life’, further boosting their profile – this time as a company who cares about their target market.

While more graphic and realistic sanitary towel adverts on television are unlikely to become a thing any time soon, BodyForm’s honesty, humour and quick response have cemented their brand name in the minds of everyone who menstruates. And that can’t be a bad thing for their business.


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