Book Binding Company Was Bound For Success (Case Study)

A pile of books.

A pile of books.

When it comes to using social networking sites to improve your business or reach out to more people, you don’t need to be a modern company with a modern product or service. It would be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the modern methods of communication relate to modern businesses but this is not the case. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter provide every company and industry with the chance to properly engage with their customers and potential customers. All these new sites provide is a different way to communicate and meet the people that you want to meet.

This means that there is something on offer for everyone, even the ones that may think their existence is being threatened by modern technology. In the rush to hail Kindle and other e-readers as being the most important breakthrough reading has had since the invention of the printing press, it can be easy to overlook that millions of people all over the world still enjoy books. There is something about the look, feel and even the smell of a new book and even though e-readers provide a great way to have all of your favourite books and articles with you in one place, there are times when a book is still the number one choice.

Even though self-publishing authors are taking to Kindle and other e-readers in their droves, there is still a call for book binding services. Whether you are a student looking to hand in your dissertation or you want to give a personal present that really matters, a book binding service is something that can come straight from the heart and make you and the recipient feel loved.
Provide an incentive to potential customers.

This is where the services provided by The Book Binding Workshop can come in very handy and the company took to Facebook to promote themselves and reach out to a new audience. In order to make an impact, they decided to give away something for free. This is one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book but it shows that modern social networking sites can be used in the exact same way as the former communication channels.

The upshot of the promotion was that any customer that paid for $300 or more of book binding supplies would receive a free 248 page hardcover book. This offer was placed on Facebook and while the company sent out an initial email to existing clients informing them of the deal, the only place to gain access to the offer was via the social media site.

In the space of one month, the number of fans liking the company on Facebook had grown massively. At the start of the campaign, the company had 50 fans and within one month of the campaign, this had grown to 650. This meant that the promotion picked up an additional 600 fans for the company’s Facebook page. This meant that from this point on, the company would be able to engage with these people regularly, in the place where these people were hanging out. The connection that a firm makes with customers on Facebook can be friendlier and more engaging than a connection made in a more formal location.

The campaign was a success with respect to the bottom line as well. The campaign resulted in additional sales worth $15,000. This was a large amount for the company and it more than justified the decision to enter social networking with a proper offer. The fact that the company was already on the site but with a poor number of followers indicates that having a social presence is not the be all and end all.

There is a need for a company to engage with clients and provide them with a reason for engaging with you. This is exactly what The Book Binding Workshop found with their social networking promotion.


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