Recruitment and training programme facilitates 4G accreditation

Mainline Digital Communications have developed a new recruitment and training programme to help dealers who are looking for 4G accreditation.

The 4G network has now been released to over 50% of the UK population, according to the latest figures from mobile network EE. Many businesses will now seek to harness the potential of it for their own company purposes.

Mainline, who are an airtime distribution company, have begun to run a series of online training webinars that will introduce their staff and dealers to the propositions and processes relevant to the new superfast network. Six sessions have been run so far, and more are expected in order to meet the planned ongoing demand.

It’s also possible for dealers to visit the web portal specifically set up to focus on EE’s network, where they can access marketing collateral, price guides and the brand new online training facility.

Andrew Boden, who is the Managing Director for Mainline, said: “We have had a lot of enquiries about 4G and, now that accreditation is available to anyone who meets specific criteria, we have a process in place to help dealers to achieve it. Response to the accreditation programme has been excellent, with around 90 dealers already accredited and more to follow. It shouldn’t be long before we’ll be working with over 100 4G accredited specialists across the country.”

With the network expected to be rolled out to several more major UK cities over the next year (EE are targeting 80% of the UK by the end of 2013), there will doubtless be more recruitment and training set up around it over the next few months.


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