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A vintage poster for Snake Charmer cigarettes
One of the most controversial issues across the globe today is tobacco marketing. Modern medicine shows the direct harmful effects of tobacco for its users. Despite the vast scientific evidences against their products, tobacco companies were able to maintain growth through its marketing campaigns. This is the reason why many countries around the world are considering the total ban of tobacco advertising.

Did you ever see people smoking at a very young age? The most common reasons why youngsters start smoking include family, friends and media influence. Inside their own families, a smoking parent or older sibling is one of the strongest influences. Being familiar with the sight of tobacco, teens consider this normal and expect that when they get older, it will be their turn to smoke.

Let us now look at the media influence through marketing campaigns of tobacco companies. As stated earlier, science presents strong evidence against tobacco use. Regardless of this fact, tobacco use is still prevalent, leading to serious medical conditions. Why then, despite the harmful effects of tobacco, would people continue to do this?

People use tobacco despite the harm partly because of glossy and suggestive marketing campaigns. Every single day, these campaigns were designed to encourage the public to buy tobacco. In fact, over the years, tobacco companies targeted teens, families, and women.

Tobacco companies use product positioning, brand extension, marketing through major public events, and even social media. This is the reason why everyone is exposed to their marketing campaigns. It has been very aggressive and very successful.

The aim of these campaigns is to convince people that tobacco can satisfy their needs which include popularity and acceptance. With these campaigns surrounding us, our youth are overly exposed. These campaigns are not ethical as they target everyone, without exception. When then kids see the “cool” packaging of tobacco, they feel that it is not bad because all they see is a colorful well designed box sometimes with sexy pictures. This packaging hides the truth about tobacco use.

You have an opportunity to defend children and your loved ones from these marketing campaigns. It’s a matter of having all concerned individuals stand up and have one solid voice regarding the issue. It’s never too late to make the right decisions. Let us all learn from the lessons of the past and start building a healthy future.


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