Telesales – The Annoyance That Won’t Go Away

If you have spent any time close to a television set or a telephone in recent months, it is likely that you will know that people have the chance to make some money by making a claim against mis-sold PPI and that if you have suffered an accident or injury that was not your fault, you may be able to make a claim. You will know this because you will have been bombarded with telephone calls and TV ads.

These adverts feature prominently on TV advertising, especially during the day when advertising is affordable and there is a good audience for people that may be looking to make money. In this sense, while the marketing of these issues may be slightly over the top, it is still encouraging people who could benefit from help to seek out the assistance that will benefit them. These adverts may be overplayed and ubiquitous but at least the choice to interact and engage is with the viewer. They can turn the TV off, they can change channels or if they so desire, they can contact the firm to see if they can get assistance.

The telemarketing promotional activities for these instances are a completely different matter though and it has highlighted the annoyance factor that so many people dislike about telemarketing. It seems as though the people at telemarketing firms are also aware of the annoyance factor because the vast majority of telephone calls made to people on these matters are not made by real-live people at the other end of a telephone.

Recorded telephone messages where a recording begins when a person picks up their phone implores people to seek out assistance to make PPI claims or to make a claim for an accident or injury they have suffered. Promoting on TV is one thing but the constant bombardment over the phone is an area where many people feel that these companies have overstepped the mark with respect to promotion.
When the phone rings, it could be anyone calling and even for people who utilise caller preview facilities on their phone, there is a need to stop what they are doing and view the information on the phone. It is this interruption and intrusion that causes people to be so annoyed and with automated recordings, there is not even the opportunity to complain to someone on the line.

The fact that real-life callers would receive abuse is one of the reasons why telemarketing companies utilise automated recordings but perhaps looking at the reason why people are aggrieved about these calls would be a more effective approach. Automated telemarketing calls provide the ability to contact a high volume of potential customers for a very low cost and this is why firms will continue to operate in such a manner.

In the UK there is a service called the Telephone Preference Service and you can register to say that you do not want to receive these marketing telephone calls. Companies which then call you can be subject to substantial fines. This is fairly effective but companies sometimes get around it by setting up call centres outside the UK, where they are not under the TPS remit. Why companies want to go to such lengths to contact people who do not want to hear from them is an interesting question; the rewards must be very few and the potential for abuse high. However, in many countries known for their outsourcing industries wages and general costs are much lower, so it must be viable. The people doing it must have very thick skin or be desperate for work.

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