Nice work through. No guarantees but it makes sense to take sound principles and apply them to your site stage by stage. Ultimately quality is the goal.

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accesibilityMost of the time, my writing focuses on search engine optimization techniques. So, why would I write about accessibility in WordPress?

Because, to a large extent, optimizing a site for search engines and optimizing a site for disability access amount to much the same thing. The same techniques that allow search robots to index a site properly allow screenreaders to correctly describe the content to users with visual disabilities.

Similarly, structuring a page properly makes it machine-friendly, whatever that machine is. Add the kind of common sense techniques that allow users (including users with disabilities) and machines to get straight to meaningful content, and you are moving towards making your site both accessible and search engine friendly.

We all know WordPress is a phenomenal tool that allows people to build blogs and websites with very little programming or coding knowledge. This platform is simple to set up, and provides…

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